Registration for Summer English Classes for Children now open!

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Summer English Classes for Children from 9 – 10 years old are now available to register at Kohoku International Lounge.


If you want your children to have fun while studying English with native teacher, let’s join our class this summer!



   Time: 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

   Place: Kohoku Intl. Lounge 

   Tuition fee: ¥5000

   Schedule (5 sessions)

   July 28th (Wednesday)

   July 30th (Friday)

   August 2nd (Monday)

   August 4th (Wednesday)

   August 6th (Friday)

Class is for students who are from around 9-10 years old.

Number of students will be up to 15 students.  

Registration method:

① By Google Form:

Please fill in the form.

② Send information by post office.

Please send address, name & age of participants, together with phone number of email address of the parents/ caregivers.

If you want to get response from us by post office, please attach an envelope with your name, address, postal code and the stamp ¥84 together.

Deadline to register: June 30th (Wednesday)

We will contact for the results (if you can join or not) in early July. Thank you!  


物事: 夏休み小学生英会話 受講生募集(小2~小4)

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