Newcomer Children’s Class

For children who want to learn Japanese!

For children who want to do school work! Let’s enjoy studying together!! We help children whose NATIVE LANGUAGE is NON-JAPANESE When: Saturday 14:00-16:00 Where: Yokohama Kohoku International Lounge Fee: 0 yen (Free of charge)



2018-2019 Schedule
Saturday14:00~16:00April ⇒7 142128
May ⇒ 121926
June ⇒291623 / 30
July ⇒72128
August ⇒41825
September ⇒181529
October ⇒62027
November ⇒1017
December ⇒1815
January ⇒121926
February ⇒21623
March ⇒2916

Our leaflet(PDF)


Native Language: Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, English, Thai, Spanish, etc.

Number of students: Approximately 30 (Primary and Junior high school students) Studying Contents: We teach Hiragana, Katakana, Japanese conversation to children according to their level. Below are examples;For primary school students, Japanese, mathematics, etc. For junior high school students, Japanese, mathematics, English, High school entrance examination study, etc.

 Congratulation on passing the exams!sakura_hanabira
Our 4 students will go on to high school from this April.


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