JLPT preparation courses are now open for registration

JLPT Preparation Course for N1- N2- N3 level for this December 2021 exam are now open for registration from June 23rd.

Classes will start from September 2021. If you want to join, please access the link below for the registration form.

N1 Preparation Class    https://forms.gle/ZqW5dQQmp7beBBfv9

N2 Preparation Class  https://forms.gle/W6J2sQdvdzyzxQm36

N3 Preparation Class   https://forms.gle/GRKbyvRWrBWCCZ3U6

For the schedule of the class, you can access here: JLPT日本語能力試験 対策講座(2021後期)詳細

元記事: JLPT日本語能力試験 N1,N2,N3 対策講座(2021年後期)受付開始!

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