[Japanese Class] For those who want to learn Japanese

Please contact us by phone or by email to register.

We will inform you when your turn comes. 

℡ 045-430-5670
✉ kohokulounge@yokohama.nifty.jp

Please give us the following information. 

  1. 名前なまえ  /  Name  / Tên:
  2. 出身国 しゅっしんこく/ Nationality / Quốc tịch:
  3. 電話番号でんわばんごう/ Telephone number/ Điện thoại:
  4. 日本語にほんごレベル/ Japanese level/ Trình độ tiếng Nhật:
  5. 勉強べんきょうしたい曜日ようび/ Days of the week you want to join/ Lớp bạn muốn học:


2021年度1学期 日本語スケジュール


 元記事:【にほんご きょうしつ】すぐに はいれません。べんきょうしたい ひとは もうしこみ してください






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