✰ Model Wanted ✰ for Fashion Show in Online Wakuwaku Festival.

We are now recruiting participants for the Online Wakuwaku Festival, especially for the “World Fashion Show” ♪

We would like to welcome all of you participate by having a short performance of you wearing traditional and record it. If you do not have traditional clothes, but still interested to join, do not worry, you can borrow the available set of traditional clothes at our lounge.

You can either shoot your performance yourself or we can support you in shooting at our lounge.

Application form  →→here
The condition to apply is that you have been studied/ taught at Kohoku International Lounge.

Japanese people are also welcomed to join.  You can join as a pair show of teacher/ student also!

For further details, please see the poster below ^_^

<元記事: ワクワクまつりオンライン ファッションショー参加者募集> 

2021ワクワクまつりオンライン(改訂版 ファッションショーチラシ

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